There is no a better medicine in the world than warm water, but you should know how to boil it. The most reliable medicine is warm water. Quinine is nothing compared to water. You shall get clean spring water, put it on quick fire, in a vessel of the purest gold, and boil it at sunrise or when the Sun is at its zenith. Other medicines only clog the disease. The most powerful drug in the world is hot water. People should know that water is the first element of life, and shall always drink clean and fresh water. Life is hidden in water. And when it disappears from your body, it dries, as well as the skin. Sour by nature people have less water in their bodies, and phlegmatic ones have stagnant water in their bodies. Water in the organism must be in current state. Treatment by Water

Quinine stops the fever, but does not heal. Instead of using quinine, drink hot water for three days without eating and the fever will leave you. Cold in the head is treated in the same way.

Water heals all weaknesses in the world. Watch the effect that water has on the organism of someone, who is irritated and indisposed. In what way? By drinking of hot water or by washing the body.

Plague is treated by hot water and viagra and cialis online. One, who is ill of plague, shall be separated from healthy people and be given, every hour, a glass of hot water. While drinking the water, the blood serum, which serves as food for microbes, thins out, and they gradually stop multiplying. During the disease no food should be eaten. The relationship of man with God is a power that affects microbes as electric lightnings. Thus, attacked from both sides by firing and hunger, they stop multiplying and die. A 24-hours hard war against microbes of plague is enough to compel them to come out of the organism. Diseases are nothing, but a war of man with lower beings.

I treat cholera by hot water. Give one, who is ill of cholera, 4-5 cups of boiling water and on the next day he will be healthy. Boiling water thins out the serum, in which germs of cholera eat and within 24 hours they decrease and die.

Influenza comes to take away the excess ballast from the human minds and hearts; when it comes, drink hot water, eat boiled potatoes and do not be afraid.

If you have a headache, drink three cups of hot water in sips. After that you shall take a purgative. When you liberate your stomach, you shall take a warm bath and go to bed. You shall stay a little in the bathroom. If you have a headache, your stomach also suffers by all means. Sometimes one suffers from his head also because of insufficient blood in the head – in the brain. Indeed, the there should not be much blood in the head, nor less, but as much as it is necessary.

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